Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bonfire night- 5th November

(Characters from left to right Mum- Rosemary, Dad- Avery, Maisie, Mark and Molly) 

Bonfire Night- 5th November 

Boom! Fireworks exploded around the Feildings as they gathered around the bonfire. 
" Lets do this every year!" Maisie exclaimed, " Its so fun!"  Mark nodded vigorously.
" Alright then, I'll go and get the sparklers. Try  not to burn yourself on the sparks kids!" Avery shouted over the sound of the exploding fireworks .                                                                     

He stood up and strolled over to the caravan where the sparklers were laying on the kitchen counter.  He  grabbed them but also rummaged in the drawer and brought out a packet of deliciously squidgy marshmallows. 
" The kids are going to love these!"Avery thought. A loud knock came from the front door. Avery jumped.

" Who's knocking at this time?" Avery padded over to the door and opened it, not knowing what to expect. There in front of him stood Alfie Spotter in a sheet with eye-holes cut out.
" Trick or treat!" Alfie said cheerfully.
" It's a bit late for that! Its Bonfire night not Halloween!" Avery explained. 
" Oh ... awkward!" Alfie murmured, embarrassed. He  walked away as Avery carried on back to his family.

" Marshmallows and sparklers! Woo hoo!My life is perfect!" Molly gabbled.
" Wasn't there another packet Darling?" Rosemary asked her husband.
" Mark? " Rosemary and Avery turned to face their son.
" I didn't eat them. Honest!" Mark stammered. 

The night was a big success: they roasted marshmallows, whirled their sparklers about, sang strange campfire songs from Marks Scouts and all went to bed with happy memories that will stay with them for ever.As for Alfie , he went home, curled up with his book and explored a world of pirates and other magical creatures.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi I'm Nora and I'm using my Dad's blog to create stories for my Sylvanian families. I keep them under my bed and they have a party for every special occasion. My first event will be Bonfire Night (5th November) I will take a picture of my Sylvanians having a party and write a story about their adventures. I hope you enjoy!